Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Family

The last few days has found us enjoying some fun family time outside.  Saturday we got a chance to take the kids over to Grandma and Grandpa's place.  They have some new four wheelers, and a small trampoline.  The kids had a lot of fun bouncing in it.  We also broke out the sports equipment and Elisha and I had a lot of fun hitting tennis balls back and forth with a baseball bat.  The boys played some soccer and got in a few rounds at the hoops.  The girls taught me a new game of wall ball that reminded me of summer long gone when my brother and I would bounce a tennis ball against the garage door and make up a sort of game.

The whole day was fun.  We grilled pork chops and really got a chance to enjoy each other.  We sure hope summer has more afternoons like this one in store!

Today the kids have off school too.  Dave and I made the kids a nice breakfast and we all sat down and enjoyed the meal together.  We have started working on different things with the kids, one of them being manners at the table.  Our kids have always eaten a lot....more food than most kids eat.  We don't know why they consume so much, but with ten of them it gets expensive and just plain exhausting trying to keep them all full.  So we are working on helping them be okay with a little bit less.  We are making them sit for 30 min for a meal and 20 min before they can get seconds.  This way their bodies have time to digest before they cram anyone down.  It was so nice to have a pleasant breakfast together.  I am not sure if this will work for breakfast on school mornings, but with summer quickly approaching we thought we should start setting some standards now.

After breakfast I pulled the van up and we took off in search of a park.  We settled on the playground in Morgan Park.  It is a fav. among the kids.  We had a lot of fun playing together.  I even joined in and played some keep off the ground tag...wore me out!  My arms ache and I'm way more tired than I thought I'd be.  Looks like Mama is gonna get a work out on the playground this summer!

Once home I made lunch while they played outside some more and the boys headed off on a hiking trip with Dustin.  Now, it's nap time and I am so glad to have a few min. to sit down and reflect on the morning.  I would be lying if I said I was all set for summer.  Actually the thought of having them all ten at home all day has sent my head spinning.  With this many kids, when they are all home we have to function more like a camp/school, instead of a family.  That means I need to have a good plan in place, all the contingencies covered, and be well prepared.  That takes a lot of energy and planning...good thing I like to plan!  Today (well this morning) went well.  We all had fun, they came home tired and ready for nap and rest time. Here's hoping the summer has more repeat mornings like this one!

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